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Water saving 95%

With the "Fogponic" method there is a saving of 95%, which is the only water necessary for the development of the vegetable from being planted to the complete closed cycle of the plant

100% Plant Protection Savings

Biologically perfect products. No external contamination

Zero Crop Loss

Prevention of fungal and bacterial diseases of the roots and of the environment

A Unique Product Of Purity

Clinically tested products with drastic reduction of nitrates in salads or Nickel in tomatoes
We take care of the process from sowing to harvesting

Indoor cultivation

Technology at the service of farmers

VivoGreen’s scope of business and purpose is of creating clinically pure lines of fruit and vegetables, in cooperation with other production companies already present in the traditional agriculture sector.

We build technically, well equipped factories for the production of fruit and vegetables out of the soil, with the aim of making farmers more competitive, while safeguarding the environment and human health.

The Technology

Vivogreen uses the Fogponic, a revolutionary soilless cultivationsystem, and is one of the most recent and
promising frontiers of research in the field of horticultural and flower cultivation in a protected environment.
The plants are supported by plant-bearing elements, while the roots are in contact only with the air and are sprayed
with a nutritive solution containing the macros and the micro elements
necessary for the growth and development of closed-cycle plants

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