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Vivogreen is a leading expert in high tech cultivation practices including hydroponics, fogponics, aeroponics and indoor EU-GMP cultivation plants. Using advanced cultivation methods such as Out Soil is possible to achieve enormous quantitative and qualitative increases in production and in cultivation density to achieve higher yields.


CEO- Founder / COO (Chief Operations Officer)

During his medical studies, in 1998 he started working with Intermedia – Integrated Communication Agency -, Press Office for the major Italian scientific societies, organizing and managing press conferences in Italy and abroad for large pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo-Smith Klein, Bristol-Meyer-Squibb, Pfizer, La Roche, Bayer, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Menarini, becoming in 2000 journalist and video/ photo-reporter medical-scientific first publicist and then professional. In 2005 he moved to Israel and collaborated in out soil cultivation method studies and researches in Kibbutz Grofit in collaboration with The Agriculture Sciences Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the new start-up company Tikun Olam which is a global leader currently. He became a Professional Agricultural Entrepreneur (I.A.P.) authorized to sell and administer food, flowers and vegetable propagation materials (EX-REC). He founded a consulting Cannabis and Hemp Company VivoGreen srl. With extensive studies and growing knowledge  he has developed calculations for nutrients formulations to develop a better quality product. With deep interest and research and development into the CrispR-Cas9 studies he has  many new and exciting developments that will be coming.



CEO-Founder / CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

For over 15 years he has worked as Producer in the TV and Cinema sector, dealing simultaneously with new technologies as VR & AR. He spent several years in R&D for hydroponics cultivation through remote control, experimenting with different hydroponics systems, such as aeroponics and fogponic indoor cultivation. Founder of the startup Vivogreen srl, in 2017 he became a professional agricultural entrepreneur (I.A.P.) taking the Ex-Rec certificate for the sale and administration of food, flowers and vegetable propagation materials (EX-REC). At the same time he is dedicated to the development and research for the cultivation of hydroponic fruit and vegetables on the automated greenhouse, with blockchain  process methodology. He works with Vivogreen in the development of Indoor (Eu GMP) and outdoor automated cultivation projects for the medical cannabis market. Designing and developing the entire hydroponic cultivation system and the communication flow of data inputs and outputs, for private and multinational companies throughout Europe.



Founder, CEO

Rob is Canadian and currently living and working in Spain/Portugal, developing a network of strategic partners for the European cannabis rush. With over 20 years in the cannabis industry, Rob has demonstrated a successful history working in the alternative medicine industry as a Chief Cultivator / Master Grower. He has directed and managed many large scale medical cannabis projects. Rob worked alongside the Government of Canada growing and delivering medical cannabis to many patients with different ailments from epilepsy to certain terminal illnesses. Rob was one of the pioneers when the government agency Health Canada, introduced their pilot program for Medical Cannabis, the MMPR, ACMPR, and MMAR programs. Rob excels as a Cannabis Business Development Consultant, from initial licensing, site selection, design, build outs, cultivation, drying, extraction, sales and marketing. Rob is managing over 50  hectares of outdoor and greenhouse  facilities in Andalucia Spain.  The experience and expertise is unmatched.