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Vivogreen will collaborate closely throughout the whole process with the client and their team, which typically includes architects, engineers (e.g., MEP mechanical/electrical/plumbing) and constructors. For example, we communicate regularly with the team as they evolve their floor plans, room layouts, benching layouts and lighting selection, Where we add suggestions to develop designs and specifications for your grown rooms. In return, we provide the team with the requirements for space, clearances, access and as well as utilities (e.g., power and chilled water) and their connections so that the engineering/architectural teams can design the structural, mechanical, electrical and drainage infrastructure of the facility surrounding the grow rooms. From a controls perspective, Vivogreen works closely with the team to identify control points for automation in order to develop effective controlled solutions.


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Vivogreen is a leading expert in high tech cannabis consulting, from site selection to high tech build outs. Experts in different cultivation methods including hydroponics, fogponics, aeroponics and indoor EU-GMP cultivation plans. Using advanced cultivation methods we can achieve enormous quantitative and qualitative increases in production and in cultivation density to achieve higher yields.

Thanks to the combination of productive and technological know-how, We have developed an innovative software for facility management with the ability to remotely control and modify the parameters of production. Our company guarantees monitoring and safety for the entire cultivation and its products. The technology used also makes it possible to apply the typical management of the industry to agriculture.

We guarantee through our expertise high standards according to GACP and EU GMP Pharmaceutical procedures and the standardisation and traceability of the final product in order to comply with Pharmacopoeia requests and needs.

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