Our Technology

What are the benefits?

Much more than you can imagine

Cultivation 24h - 365 days a year

Enormous increases in production and quality. The process allows for the production of any fruit and vegetable product throughout the year

Vertical cultivation

Increase in cultivated plants per square meter of a covered area

Zero Infestation

Prevention of fungal and bacterial diseases of the roots and of the environment

Reduction of labor costs

Our automated systems will help you do your job with less staff and more efficiency

Hygienic products

Clinically tested products with drastic reduction of nitrates in salads and nickel intomatoes

Water saving

With the "Fogponic" method there is a saving of 95%, which is the only water necessary for the development of the vegetable from being planted to the complete closed cycle of the plant

Solid plants

The implants have been designed with robust and durable materials. The system ispurchased only once and there is little to no maintenance.

No use of pesticides

Growth of biologically perfect products. No external contamination

No Disposable Material

Reuse of biomass to produce energy

Photovoltaic Energy

Drastic reduction in energy consumption


It does not pollute groundwater and the environment. Our plants are built withenvironmental protection and human health in mind

Satisfied Customers

The project is social and environmental. More and more people are inclined to purchase healthy and certified products but also for reasons of intolerance
Come funziona?

Our Technology

Research and development for health and well-being for environmental protection

Vivogreen uses the Fogponic or Nebbiaponica, a revolutionary above-ground cultivation system, and is one of the most recent and promising research frontiers in the field of horticultural and flower cultivation in a protected environment. It is a very advanced cultivation technique for producing plants without soil. The plants are supported by "plant-bearing" elements, while the roots are only in contact with air and are sprayed with a nutritive solution containing the macro and micro elements necessary for the growth and development of closed-cycle plants.
With a different method of hydroponics, there is no dripping or flooding of nutrient solution on the plant or surface which leads to further water savings. The fogpublic cultivation activates organic cultivations of disease or parasites present instead like in outdoor cultivations.

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